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Flat spring clips
Specialty springs
James F. Engdahl

Spring steel, stainless spring steel and beryllium copper springs

Spring Work

Engdahl Mfg., Inc. produces spring clips, small-lot stampings, spring forms, wire forms, leaf springs, tapered springs, custom springs and prototypes in quantities from 1 to 10,000. We have no minimum quantity requirements. Materials on hand include blue tempered spring steel, stainless spring steel, music wire, beryllium copper, phosphor bronze and annealed spring steel.

We offer quick turnaround on small and large quantities as well as prototype springs. We provide in-house heat treating and barrel tumbled finishing. We manufacture custom small-lot compression, extension and torsion springs.

We also offer replacement parts for obsolete and damaged items. Simply send us a sample and we will reproduce your item just like new.
Leaf springs

Small lot stampings

Custom wire form

Compression, extension, torsion and taper

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